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A Legacy of Trust Since 1983

We have been representing the interests of corporate
and private clients for more than 30 years.


Our CIO, Richard Saperstein, appeared on CNBC last week to discuss possible causes of ongoing market volatility.

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Congratulations to our CIO, Richard Saperstein, on his most recent accolade: #6 in Barron’s ranking of America’s Top 100 Financial Advisors!

Other recent accolades from Barron’s:
  • Top 100 Financial Advisors, 2014: #6
  • Top 1200 Financial Advisors (NY), 2015: #4
  • Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors, 2015: #10

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HighTower Treasury Partners Managing Director Richard Saperstein discusses the conservative strategies to employ in a risky environment.

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